The Windmill of Ta’ Kola

One of the landmarks of Xaghra to be seen from afar is the Windmill of Ta’ Kola, lying a few scores of metres away from the Church to the north west and a walking distance away from the Ggantija Temples lying to the South. It lies on the highest point on Xaghra plateau and acquired its name after Nikola or Kola (in short) Grech, the miller who took it over early in the 20th Century.

It was built in 1725, one of twelve windmills built by the Knights of Malta under Grand Master Manoel de Vilhena. The last of the millers’ family was Joseph Grech who was known as Zeppu Kola, who passed away on 27 February 1987. It is thanks to him and later to the Museum Authorities that today, Ta’ Kola Windmill is still in a good working condition. Now, under the care of Heritage Malta, the future of the Windmill is guaranteed and the people of Xaghra are grateful for this.

Farmers and the commercial community used to go to the mill with cereals, mainly grain to grind it into flour. This must have kept the miller busy most of the time but when he was idle he would go onto the roof and blow the Bronja, a long shaped sea shell with the end chipped off, so that people would know that they would be served immediately if they went at that hour. With the industrial revolution, it went idle and today stands silently serving as a museum place visited annually by thousands of tourists and locals.

” The Old Lady of Xaghra” stands proudly dominating the town of Xaghra dreaming about the old days when it was surrounded by greenery for which Xaghra was always renowned and when life was far more peaceful and serene.