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UPX 506 /14 March 1st 2015
1. Courses of Spiritual exercises start this week. Nobody should miss this golden opportunity to listen to the Word of God. The first set of talks for all categories is due this week at Nazzarenu, while next week we shall have talks for married couples at the basilica.

2. Pilgrimage with the statue of Christ the Redeemer: Next Friday let us all take part in this pilgrimage and pray for world peace. The procession will also include the statue of the ‘Veronica’ to mark the first centenary of its arrival in the parish.

3. The Archpriest celebrates the catechetical mass tomorrow, Monday at 6.30pm. A record of attendance shall be taken. Please note that girls will not have their catechism lessons on Tuesday and Thursday of this week since the female MUSEUM members are attending their Lenten sermons.

4. Eucharistic Adoration with Prayers for consecrated persons will be held next Thursday at 7.00pm.

5. Children who wish to take part in the pageant on Good Friday are to contact Mr John Attard, while those wishing to take part in that on Palm Sunday are to contact one of the senior altarboys.

6. A half-day Divine Mercy retreat will be held next Tuesday from 9.00am till noon at St Francis’ monastery, Victoria. Please book transport at the Parish office or through the Said sisters. Transport leaves from the Square via Nazzarenu.
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UPX 505 /14 February 22, 2015

1. We proceed along our journey through Lent by attending mass and meditating the Via Cucis every day.

2. Let us all attend the Parish retreat being held this afternoon at Ta’ Pinu from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. Fr Richard delivers a talk. Transport leaves the Square via Nazzarenu at 4.00pm

3. We appreciate your attendance for the Thursday Adoration. Adoration in the company of consecrated persons takes place next Thursday at 7.00pm. On Saturday, there will be a concelebrated mass at 6.30pm followed by adoration and prayers for consectared persons. Let us participate.

4. A half-day retreat will be held at the Spigolatrici’s house for Theresian Carmelite Tertiaries from 8.30am till noon. All members are invited to attend.
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Il-Bullettin tal-Hadd ... See MoreSee Less

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