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July 19th, 2014

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July 14th, 2014

Giovanna Sultana - 8 July 2014[...]

Il-Bullettin tal-Hadd - July 13 - 2014
Il-Bullettin tal-Hadd - July 6 - 2014
Obituaries - Updated

Obituaries - Updated

July 4th, 2014

Maddalena Vella - 23 May 2014 Antonietta Buttigieg - 27 June 2014[...]

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UPX – 468/14 July 13th 2014

1. A group of pilgrims will be representing our parish when they accompany the Archpriest on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. We’ll pray Mary to safeguard our Parish, especially the sick and our vocations. We shall also be putting your intentions at the feet of Our Lady, according to your wishes

2. Next Wednesday is the feast of Our Lady of Carmel. At Hamet church, Eucharistic Adoration starts at 5.30pm. Bishop Grech concelebrates mass at 7.30pm and afterwards there will be a procession.

3. This year, the feast of St Anne at Dwejra is going to be held next Friday July 18th.

4. Next Saturday, July 19th is the 6th of the series of Saturdays dedicated to the Bambina. Can. Michael Galea, vice parish-priest at the Cathedral, celebrates mass with homily at 7.30pm. Families residing in the following streets are specially invited to attend: Ġnien Xibla, Tiġrija, Vestru and Patri Mattew Sultana.

5. The collection for the feast of the Bambina has now reached the handsome sum of €23,508. We urge those who have not yet made their offering to do so as soon as possible.

6. We must be careful not to damage the church pews. We must care for the kneelers and never scratch the varnish.


Il-Misteri tal-Ferh - Jinghadu nhar ta’ Tnejn u nhar ta’ Sibt
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