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Il-Bullettin tal-Hadd - April 20 - 2014
Good Friday Procession in Xaghra (2014) - Video
Ittra Pastorali għar-Randan - 2014

Ittra Pastorali għar-Randan - 2014

April 14th, 2014

Sehemna Fil-Bini Tas-Soċjetà Għeżież ħutna, ​Fil-mixja tagħna bħala poplu, għamilna pass[...]

Il-Bullettin tal-Hadd - April 13 - 2014


April 13th, 2014

Wenza Sultana (Tal-Kaxxett) - 8 April 2014 Ganni Sultana (Ta Zolla) - 10 April 2014[...]

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Weekly Parish Announcements

UPX – 456/14 April 20th 2014

1. The Rev. Archpriest together wth the Parish Chapter and Clergy and Council, would like to wish a HAPPY EASTER to all members of the Parish. May the peace imparted by the Risen Christ find its way into the hearts of all families and peoples.

2. The procession with the statue of the Risen Christ leaves the Basilica this afternoon at 6.00pm, and will be accompanied by the Victory Band. Children are to bring their traditional figolli to be blessed by the Archpriest, who will in turn give a figolla to all children presnt. The Musical “Id-Dverna ta’ Għemmaws” (The Inn at Emmaus) starts at 7.00pm. Do come along, and invite your friends from outside the parish.

3. The blessing of families gets under way tomorrow, Monday. The Archpriest would like to find all family members gathered for this holy occasion.

4. We wish to thank all those who lent a hand and prayed so that during Holy Week we could have the wonderful experience of a community strengthened by the spirit of the Risen Christ.

5. We proceed with the novena of Divine Mercy which will bring us to the Feast next Sunday, which is also the day of the Canonisation of Pope John XXIII and Pope JohnPaul II. At 4.00pm we have an hour of Eucharistic Adoration, followed by mass and homily for the occcasion.

6. The new parish priest of San Lawrenz, Fr Charles Sultana will be installed on Sunday 4th May. A cortege leaves the Rectory on the Square at San Lawrenz at 9.30am. Everybody is invited. Our best wishes go to Fr Charles and his family, while we promise him our prayers. Ad Multos Annos.


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